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Collaboration with Inês Zinho Pinheiro

current project - more information coming soon

Photo 9.jpg

Currently, I am working on a video installation and a performance for the new sound sculpture String Frame in collaboration with the dancer Inês Zinho Pinheiro. We will be exploring the movements of the musical performer in relation to this new sculpture. Videos, sounds and more information about the sculpture will be shared on the website soon.

For the past year we have been exchanging sketches of videos and audio recordings. We started with trying to find ways of exploring our ideas by finding specific sites that we felt were connected to the design of the String Frame. I found sites in Reykjavík while Inês sent material from Lisbon. She found walls in Lisbon that for example reminded her of the organic shapes of the carved-out pattern of the sculpture and then a wall with a metal grid that reminded her of the strings. She used these walls to interact with, physically memorising my movements of interacting with the sculpture or using the architecture as inspiration for her movements. We then transferred these methods to working with drawn images which were inspired by the String Frame and architectural elements. The carefully chosen city landscapes and the drawn images serve as a link between our different spaces.

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