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The living sound sculpture String Frame is inspired by a collaboration with the dancer Inês Zinho Pinheiro. The idea behind the sculpture is to explore movements that emerge naturally from interacting with the sculpture. The design was based on how to create opportunities to bring forth certain movements that would not be present in the playing unless the design would encourage them. The String Frame is comprised of three panels that are attached together with hinges which creates an opportunity for the performer to move between the different parts of the sculpture. The design of the string system also brings forth variations of movements since the layout of the strings utilises different levels of the panels.


The string system of the sculpture is based on conjoined string systems. Different types of conjoined string systems are present within the frame, some quite complex consisting of several conjoined strings. Due to the freedom within the design, as in how you attach the strings to the frame, different types of conjoined string systems can be developed for each piece. The idea was to create a certain unpredictability within the sonic world of the sculpture. Conjoined string systems are manipulable and by altering string lengths and tensions, it is possible to modulate the sound. Within the string systems exists an intriguing instability, creating a design that leaves room for the performer to seek inspiration from the sculpture and react to its changing nature.

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