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Collaboration with Jo David Meyer Lysne

Mekanisk Skog is a sound sculpture created by Jo David Meyer Lysne and myself. It is inspired by meditative and repetitive sonic textures found in the forest. The sounds are produced via mechanical physical movements that make the strings resonate. The sculpture is two-sided, one side emphasising the visual texture of the wood, while the other side shows a more technical side.


So far, Mekanisk Skog has been presented at Bø prestegaard and exhibited at Flerbruket. For the event at Flerbruket, we collaborated with the duo Vilde & Inga and Magnus Nergaard, creating an improvisational dialogue with the sound sculpture.

The project was supported by Kulturrådet, Vestefold & Telemarks kunstnerstipend, and Viken fylkeskommune.

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