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Internal Human

collaboration with Inês Zinho Pinheiro

Internal Human was originally a short piece for a piano frame. Now it has developed into a 45-minute piece that exists both as a video installation and as a live performance. The original piece has been exhibited a few times, including at the Reykjavík Arts Festival in 2020 as a part of the online event of Platform GÁTT and in the underground chamber of the Brunel Museum in 2018.

The dancer Inês Zinho Pinheiro and the musician Lilja María Ásmundsdóttir have been working together since 2018. For the past two years, they have been exchanging videos, sounds and thoughts connected to performing. Their ideas developed into the current version of the piece Internal Human.

The piece is inspired by the original piece and Lilja's instrument, a large string sculpture she built in 2020 called String Frame. While playing the string sculpture, Lilja explores movements that emerge naturally from interacting with the sculpture. Inês takes these movements and translates them to different environments that were chosen based on shapes found in the design of the sculpture. Inês interacts with these environments, using architectural shapes as inspiration for developing the movements. They then transferred these methods to working with drawn images which were inspired by the String Frame and architectural elements. 

 Earlier this year, they released the piece as an audio-visual album and it has recently been nominated for the Kraumur Awards 2022.

The album was released by Smekkleysa and is available through their website:

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More about the String Frame

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