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Audio Example - Core Being - Lilja María
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The living sound sculpture Core Being is inspired by subterranean textures and collaborative structures in nature. The sculpture is made from wooden panels with carved-out patterns and hand-dyed threads. The threads are stretched between the wooden parts of the sculpture and reach from the sculpture into its surroundings.

The sculpture is designed to be approachable for various art disciplines. Performers can use their physical strength to control the tension of the threads, and by following the strings and the lines carved in the wood, they can produce various sounds. The sonic world searches for the experience of perceiving the world through the soil. The sounds are in three layers; 1) the soft acoustic sounds of the sculpture, 2) the amplified acoustic sounds of the sculpture, and 3) the transformation of the acoustic sounds of the sculpture through sound effects which have been designed based on the idea of the sculpture existing as a creature of the subterranean world.

As a living sound sculpture, it does not represent a specific end product but rather something that takes on a life of its own and creates surroundings to explore the improvisational creativity of a world that is always in the making. This means that the sculpture can continue to develop and merge with other materials, objects, and spaces. The sculpture continues to change and morph into different ideas through the actions of different artists working with it. The physically inviting sculpture takes on different roles, such as a co-performer, an instrument, or an environment, depending on how different artists approach working with the sculpture.

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