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Core Being
sound sculpture

Audio Example - Core Being - Lilja María
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The sound sculpture Core Being is inspired by the subterranean network known as the Wood Wide Web. This collaborative structure consists of certain kinds of fungi that exist in symbiosis with plants. These fungi send out through the soil very fine threads that weave into the tips of plant roots at a cellular level. Through this weaving, individual plants and trees are joined together underground. 

The Core Being is made up of threads from plant fibres, those threads are stretched between the wood carvings of the sculpture. The ropes reach into the space and the audience are invited to move through the web. Performers from different disciplines are invited to enter the world of the sculpture and use their physical strength to control the tension of the ropes and by following the lines carved in the wood they can produce certain sounds. The sounds are three-layered: 1) the acoustic sounds of the sculpture, 2) the amplified acoustic sounds of the sculpture and 3) the transformation of the acoustic sounds of the sculpture through sound effects which have been designed based on the idea of the sculpture existing as a creature of the subterranean world and how that world might sound like. 


The threads of the sculpture go into different directions in the space and connect the performers together.​ In our encounters within the web of the sculpture we are able to explore our ability to predict and respond to each other’s actions and create a shared understanding of in what ways we are connected. The movements and gestures guide our improvisations, similarly as they do in the improvisations of our everyday life.

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